Correct 1975-81 Corvette Fuel Sending Unit Strainer

Finally a correct fuel sending unit strainer is available for 1975-81 Corvette’s! After years of fighting with a 1968-74 strainer and trying to make it work for your 1975-81, there is now a correct solution. This strainer fits over the fuel sender pickup pipe and should always be replaced when you replace your sending unit. This part is in stock and ready to ship.

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1963-1975 Corvette Convertible Top Mounting Bolts

Tired of losing judging points due to incorrect convertible top mounting bolts? Paragon is now offering the CORRECT “ELH” headmark bolts for your 1963-75 Corvette convertible top. These bolts not only have the correct headmark logo, but also have the correct captured washer and plating. Save yourself the grief of missing out points due to replacement hardware. These kits are in stock and ready to ship!

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New 1960-1962 Corvette Female Hood Lock Assemblies

Now available for the first time as a reproduction part! These female hood lock assemblies are perfect reproductions, and will make any 1960 – 1962 Corvette owner happy.

Female Hood Lock Assembly KitParagon Number: 13961K
GM Part Number: 3767850 / 3767849Female hood lock assembly kit, includes L.H. & R.H.

Years: 1960 – 1962

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New GM Licensed 1975-1979 Corvette Windshield Washer Reservoir

Paragon is proud to announce another new licensed GM Restoration Part! We are now the official license for 1975-79 windshield washer reservoirs. These plastic pieces are often yellowed and cracked from years of neglect.

Windshield Washer ReservoirParagon Number: 10956
GM Part Number: 4961311Windshield washer reservoir, white plastic.
1975-78 All.
1979 1st design.

Years: 1975-79

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v.34 Catalog Downloads

v.34 catalogs are now available for download! The printed books won’t be shipping until later next month, but why wait? Take advantage of hundreds of new parts, technical schematics and photos in our largest books to date.

C-1 1953-62 Corvettes”C-1″ was the first generation of Corvette’s produced from 1953-62. These cars are often referred to as “solid axle” or “straight axle” cars. There are three distinct body styles within this era, the 1953-57 models, the 1958-60 models and the 1961-62 models.
C-1 1953-62
(approx. 13.5 mb)
**Updated 4-10-09**
C-2 1963-67 Corvettes“C-2” was the second generation of Corvette’s produced from 1963-67. These cars are often referred to as “mid-years” or “Sting Rays”. There are two distinct body styles within this era, the 1963 “split window” model and the 1964-67 models.
C-2 1963-67
(approx. 16.4 mb)
**Updated 4-10-09**
C-3 1968-82 Corvettes“C-3” was the third generation of Corvette’s produced from 1968-82. These cars are often referred to as “sharks” or “late models”. There are three distinct body styles within this era, the 1968-72 “chrome bumper” models, the 1973-77 models and the 1978-82 “fast back” models.
C-3 1968-82
(approx. 20.3 mb)
**Updated 4-10-09**

To download the PDF version of a catalog, simply choose the catalog you require from the list above. Please note that these files are rather large and may take several minutes to download on a dial-up connection. Due to the very large size of these files we recommend that you download the catalogs to your computer before viewing. To do this, right click your mouse over the catalog link and select “Save Target As” and save the file to you computer.

Due to the nature of manufacturing and vendor price increases and the availability of both new and old products, many items in our printed catalog may not be as ‘current’ as our online shopping mall. In an effort to combat this problem we will be updating the PDF version of our printed catalog to more accurately reflect new products and pricing. Keep checking back to ensure that you have the most ‘updated’ version of our v34 catalog. Please note that all prices and availability of products are subject to change without notice, so please check our online shopping mall or call (800) 882-4688 for the most up to date information.

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What are GM Restoration Parts?

A GM Restoration Part is a part no longer being manufactured by GM, but the specs have been licensed to an approved manufacturer of automotive parts. Licensed manufacturers build these parts as close as possible to the original GM specifications, and whenever it is possible, the parts are manufactured using the original factory tooling. GM Restoration Parts include sheet metal, Corvette fiberglass body panels, interior trim, emblems, decals, suspension components, glass, carpet, lenses, belts and hoses, and much more. In an overview, the GM Restoration Parts program has been established because of the demand of car enthusiasts to have high quality reproduction parts that are as close as possible to the factory original.

The parts that GM discontinues and no longer markets, are eligible to become licensed GM Restoration Parts. Since its inception several years ago, the GM Restoration Parts Program has taken a leadership role in serving the needs of automotive enthusiasts, restorers and collectors by licensing many thousands of restoration parts previously unavailable in the marketplace. This program does more than simply seek to license companies that will manufacture and/or market the quality parts. It is also designed to provide an optimum network of licensed companies to provide a wider variety of licensed GM parts to the restoration and enthusiast markets.

Paragon Reproductions was a pioneer in the GM Restoration Parts program, becoming one of the original licensed companies. We offer a wide range of GM licensed products including chrome bumpers, exterior mirrors and engine brackets to name a few. In addition to the large selection of GM Restoration Part’s that Paragon manufactures, we also carry a full line of GM Restoration Part’s produced by other manufacturers. Look for the GM Restoration Parts logo proudly displayed on all officially licensed products, and feel confident that you are purchasing the highest quality and most accurate parts available today.

Back by popular demand! 1958-1979 Corvette Interior and Exterior Rear View Mirrors!

Like so many other chrome products over the past few years, our USA made interior and exterior chrome mirrors were unfortunately discontinued several months ago due to manufacturing costs versus imported counterparts. This has lead to an overwhelming out cry from restorers everywhere, so after long negotiations with our manufactures we are proud to announce that we are bringing back the ONLY USA MADE chrome mirrors for your 1953-79 Corvette!

Manufacturing is almost complete, and the new mirrors will be ready to ship very soon. Stay tuned to our website for more details.


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