1968-82 Fiberglass Body Repair Manual CD-ROM – Vol.4 Rear Body

Fiberglass Body Repair Manual CD-ROM – Vol.4 Rear Body
Paragon Number: 14920
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Fiberglass body repair manual CD-ROM, volume rear body. This comprehensive, user-friendly collision and restoration manual is perfect for the do-it-yourself person! This book includes the techniques used for repairing fiberglass including fiberglass crack restoration, fiberglass reinforcing, and replacing Corvette body panels with GM parts and other quality fiberglass replacement parts. Topics include: bonding strip repairing, headlight adjustments, hood support repairing, body panel splicing, crack repairing and body seam repair and body restoration guide. Volume four has over 100 pages and 177 photos and illustrations.

Years: 1968 – 1982
Condition: New
Packaging: Each
Type: Stock
Price: $45.00