How to Install 1963 – 1982 Corvette Control Arm Pivot Shafts

Watch one of our technician’s walk you through step-by-step, installing the pivot shafts in your 1963 – 1982 Corvette control arms. Don’t have the tools, or not feel comfortable doing this at home? Call us at 1-800-882-4688 and we can set up having it done for you!

1963-64 Power Brake Fiberglass Hood Insert

Finally a solution for 1963-64 Corvette owners who want to use 1965-67 power brake dual reservoir master cylinder! Historically the only optionĀ 1963-64 owners had when converting to the more efficient power brake dual reservoir master cylinder system was to purchase a 1965-67 hood or cut a piece from their original hood for clearance. Our technicians […]

1965-66 Seatbelt Retractor Installation

Wind retractor clockwise 7-8 full turns. While winding, be careful to hold retractor firmly in hand. Turn belt over with opposite hand. Push belt under tabs. Position retractor in the middle of the outboard webbing. (Figures 1 & 2) Position retractor squarely with belt and crimp tabs securely against belt webbing. (Figure 3) Check for […]

1962-74 Tach Drive Distributor Restoration

**Detailed Bushing Installation** Distributor Rebuild Guide Remove distributor assembly from engine and place lower part of housing in vise, clamping securely. Remove cap and rotor from cam assembly. Lift off springs and weights from cam. With a drift punch drive out lower distributor gear split pin. Next, remove lower gear and shim. Remove the brass […]

1967 Seat Track Roller Installation

Remove the seat track from seat frame. Position the track so that you are looking at the bottom (View A). Slide inner track toward the front, so that you can access the dimple on the outer case. Remove the dimple that is located just inside of the hole by striking with a blunt punch and […]