How to Install 1963 – 1982 Corvette Control Arm Pivot Shafts

Watch one of our technician’s walk you through step-by-step, installing the pivot shafts in your 1963 – 1982 Corvette control arms.

Don’t have the tools, or not feel comfortable doing this at home? Call us at 1-800-882-4688 and we can set up having it done for you!

Paragon’s Custom 1962 Corvette, Bones Featured in Vette Magazine

The folks over at Vette Magazine, recently did a great article on Paragon’s Custom 1962 Convertible, Bones, in the January issue of the magazine. You can check out the article, and the car at the link below (there’s more pictures too).

Vette Magazine Article “Dem Bones” – January 2010 Issue