Interactive Corvette Parts Catalogs

Have you ever wished you could shop our website using our print catalog? Now you can! With our all-new interactive Corvette parts catalogs for C1, C2 and C3 Corvettes, finding your parts has never been easier.

Legendary Highway Route 66 T-shirt

Legendary Highway Route 66 T-shirt     Paragon Number: 14952 GM Part Number: Legendary Highway Route 66 T-shirt, silver. Comfortable heavy weight cotton, shirt has a large print featuring a 1958 Corvette on back. Specify size: M, LG, XL. Years: Condition: New Packaging: Each Type: Stock Price: $16.00

1962-74 Tach Drive Distributor Restoration

**Detailed Bushing Installation** Distributor Rebuild Guide Remove distributor assembly from engine and place lower part of housing in vise, clamping securely. Remove cap and rotor from cam assembly. Lift off springs and weights from cam. With a drift punch drive out lower distributor gear split pin. Next, remove lower gear and shim. Remove the brass […]

1962-64 Powerglide Shifter Linkage Installation

Set control rod bell crank (A) in Park position. Set control shaft lever (B) in Park position. With both the bell crank and lever held in Park position, assemble control rod (C) to lever (B), then adjust clevis on rod (C) for easy entry into lever (A). **Please note that parts numbered in the schematic […]

1957-62 Muncie 4-Speed Linkage Installation

The 4-Speed transmission gearshift linkage utilizes three shift rods and levers. A simple gauge block will aid in making the proper adjustments. The adjustments can be made without the gauge block by having an assistant hold the manual shift lever in the neutral positions. Remove transmission gearshift lever seal from the floor pan. Place transmission […]